Empowering Vulnerability

Love asks us for nothing but everything. Everything that shields our brilliant heart.

We all live defensively fearing that the terrible past will repeat itself. We build relationships to protect against rejection, abandonment and critique. Then we wonder why we still feel so inadequate, disconnected and lonely, even in our most intimate relationships. Paradoxically, what we learned to keep secret and hidden from others to gain acceptance, is the very path, the very building material, to real, authentic and transformational intimacy.

Are you currently loving in ways that shackle you to the past?

Do you want to love in ways that free you to embody more or all that you are?

Are you interested deepening your love and compassion to the parts of you that you can’t accept, including the parts of your body that you judge and feel ashamed of?

Do you want to transform the fear and shame that holds you back in relationships into more love and deeper intimacy with yourself and others?

If you feel your heart answering “yes” to any of these questions, then sign up for this Embodied Intimacy workshop here:

Embodied Intimacy is a transpersonal “belly to belly” bonding practice that gently guides the participant to melt their barriers to love. Its travels on the tracks of breath, sound, movement and touch towards presence and connection. The process is simple, clear and magical.

Embodied Intimacy follows a free flowing format to meet the needs of the participants and the flow and energy of the group.

It often involves:

Free movement and primal play to wake up, empower and encourage total expression.

Using breath, sound, movement, and conscious touch to increase embodied awareness and connection with self and other.

Interpersonal mindfulness exercises to increase somatic awareness of connection with self and others.
Conscious use of touch for safe attunement and nonverbal communication.

Vulnerable, authentic and transparent sharing to deepen the experience of safe, empowering and nourishing intimacy and bonding, without any expectations of it leading any further.

An invitation to work with partial to total physical nakedness in order to bring more love and awareness to parts of the body that still hold shame.

Group processes that reflect and harvest the shared results of the work.

What not to expect:

Even though the participants often experience emotional intimacy and physical affection, there is no running of sexual energy, or exchange of bodily fluids in this group.


About The Embodied Intimacy Practice:

The core of this practice involves slowing down the sympathetic nervous system until the whole body is relaxed and safe enough to open to the wisdom of the heart. Breath, sound, movement, and touch are simple practices that are used to increase embodiment and attune to one another. It is a simple, effective, and receptive practice that melts away the barriers to love and attends to many of our basic needs of touch, connection and belonging. It is a tribal group practice where everyone is a mirror for one another. Each person in the room has a gift for everyone else. Each person has a key to unlock a deeper self-acceptance and harmony within oneself.

Within the peace and safety of the container being held, individually and collectively, the tribe members can start to heal their relational wounds. There is no fixing or improving yourself needed before attending an Embodied Intimacy group. Quite the opposite. Bring your shadow as well as your light with you. Invite all of your self to this interpersonal dance.

Embodied Intimacy guides everyone gently from a state of separation and isolation towards connection. The result is a simple and heartfelt shared truth. The story and drama of the mind subsides and a new level of connection is found in its place. Breath by breath, sigh by sigh, belly to belly, it all unfolds, melts and unwinds. The trauma, drama, tension and stress is the fuel that propels us forward to finally land in our naturally selfless, loving and infinite nature.
At the speed of love we learn how to live from the wisdom of our heart instead of the worry of our minds.

About Buster Rådvik MA

Buster’s dharma is being by example and leading with integrity. He literally wears his heart on his sleeve and has a reputation for pleasantly shocking an entire room with his candid emotional awareness and ability to reveal himself, transparently, no matter how awkward and messy it might look. His warm, open style gives permission for people to come home to themselves, embodied in an ecstatic atmosphere of vulnerability. Buster is an expert at gently guiding people into their bodies, through the shadow work, landing them safely into their heart, where vulnerable transparency is accessible and emotional intimacy becomes transformational.

All of Buster’s work including individual sessions, work with couples, and groups is focused on love, sex, and intimacy. He draws his approach from a journey of over a decade of living in intentional communities, combined with his studies and practices of various body-centered disciplines of awakening. Busters gift lies in his eloquent execution and powerful ability to create a safe space for individuals and groups to fearlessly navigate their emotional bodies as the pathway to liberation.

Buster began his career in Sweden as a professional dancer and choreographer (1991-2002). Over a period of six years, he also trained as a therapist at OSHO Humaniversity in the Netherlands (1996-2002). After a ten-year career in performing arts in Scandinavia Buster moved to the United States, where he studied and received his degree in psychology. For the last seven years Buster worked primarily as a body-centered psychotherapist with clients who struggle with trauma and addictions. Buster is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and a trained Sensorimotor Psychotherapy therapist.