Tribal Tantra

Tribal Tantra is a cohesive system which utilizes Tantric Ceremony, Shamanic Ritual and Conscious Dance meditation as tools to transform and empower lives in a practical and lasting way.

At a Tribal Tantra gathering or workshop we may learn and study theory, share and witness, explore conscious touch and utilize dance, yoga, vision quest, ritual theatre, circle of mirrors process, art, presence ceremonies and more. All emotions are welcome from tears to laughter as we consciously invite full presence in all it’s forms as a gateway to healing and learning.

The four ways of Tribal Tantra

The Four ways of Tribal Tantra: Surrender, Connection, Wholeness and Seeing

1) The way of surrender: (Dancer) We learn the chakra system and begin to understand how energy moves and flows in our body. Through surrender, this energy may move freely, connecting us above and below.
2) The way of connection: (Shaman/Elemental) We learn our relationship to the forces in this physical world, the elements, senses and tattvas which inform and enflame our experience of this body lifetime.
3) The way of wholeness: (Tantrika/Spirit) We learn the true nature of our masculine and feminine essence and how to turn inward to discover that wholeness so as to meet the world in the overflow of love bubbling up from inside the self, versus seeking to find that pathway of love in another.
4) The way of Seeing: (Artist) Here we open to the possibility that our most vulnerable places, those which create the most story and projection in order to remain hidden are in fact our greatest teachers and greatest gifts. We learn to allow ourselves to see and be seen in that most raw and real place and therein to find a unity within and without.

A path of Yes

The word Tantra is derived from Sanskrit root “tan” meaning to increase, expand or stretch, with tantra meaning to weave, loom or woven together. Thus it can be said to mean we increase as we bring together, we expand as we integrate. Tantra is a path to embodied bliss. It is a path of Yes. Tantra is the only practice which includes everything. Excludes nothing.


Our journey will be a uniting of our heart and mind. Our body and soul. Our sexuality and spirituality. We will use ancient tantric teachings and meditations as a foundation to support the release of guilt, shame and fear which hinders us in fulfilling our purpose in this life.

This journey of the heart will be lovingly guided, but will also require the courage to show up, for that part of us which would remain small will manifest into fear, hesitation and doubt, so we must ask: Are you ready?

  • Are you ready to move toward grace, ease and empowerment?
  • How are you pushing your edges…Where are you ready to break through?
  • re you ready to experience and fully embody your right to be loved, to create, act and express?
  • Are you prepared to be fully empowered and expressed in your clear masculine/feminine?
  • Are you ready to let go of the guilt, fear, shame and limiting beliefs holding you back from living your life?

‘I am fairly passionate about life. I want to live a life where I can truly meet people, behind the stories. There came a point where I discovered that the stories were not protecting me, they were keeping me from being in that raw total connection. We need each other to go to that deep level. That’s what Tribal Tantra is about.’ ~ Eugene

Awakening of the divine within

Awakening is a direct, embodied experience of the divine within. This is a place beyond the simplicity of belief or the trap of knowing or believing we know. A spontaneous awakening is deeper than our will can conceptualize. This knowing becomes a permanent part of our being, physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually.


The Awakened being is now empowered for they have an experience of their true and higher self. No longer concerned with worthiness, this being will begin to cultivate the power and find the help and support needed to share fulfill their calling(s) and share their gift(s) with the world.

Make no mistake, there is still a long life path of challenges, doubts and pitfalls beyond the first Awakening. Some of us experience many layers and levels of Awakening and some will be called to this journey who have experienced at least one but are feeling stuck and yearn for the next level so to speak. What is certain is once we have Awakened, there is a subtle knowing that while we may experience a moment or more of fear, we also carry with us a gentle certainty from having experienced the truth that we can never separate or disconnect from source. From life force. From creation.

It has been said that the awakened one is they who wield the gentle authority which most invites others to their own awakening. Is one who is generous with their power and gifts, for they no longer doubt who they are. They are the ones who move with ease full grace into leadership. They are those who we are yearning to learn from an be inspired by.

If you are ready to come into your ease of being, unlock and share your gifts in the world, then you are ready to take this first step.

May all who seek find a welcome place in this global Tantra Tribe.


Eugene Hedlund, the founder of the School of Tribal Tantra has been teaching these transformational arts around the globe since 2008. Eugene is also a sought after tantric counselor who has supported many individuals and couples in their quest to live a fully embodied and empowered life where love and expression are limitless. A popular festival presenter, Eugene has begun to focus his energy on how to support a wider audience to come into their power and begin sharing their gifts with the world.

Eugene is most concerned with giving the tools and support each person needs to discover their own YES to life and then to step without hesitation, guilt, shame, fear or limiting beliefs into a full experience of that embodied YES!

'I am constantly inspired and re-inspired by the invitation to share in sacred circles all over the world, where seekers gather to open their hearts and invite others to do the same. In the end we are so much more alike than different. I am not here to offer anything new, but to help us remember something old, something true, something that has always been...that you are complete. You are enough. You are worthy of loving and being loved. Globally, we share the same yearning heart, the same desire to simply be seen as we are and feel accepted. Together we can support each other on this simple, but profound journey. The world is yearning for a Tantra Tribe to lead the way back home to love. May we all find our way home.' ~ Eugene Hedlund