Tantric Meetings - Love and be loved

Katarina is a warm hearted woman, who will create a safe place for you to reconnect with your heart and soul. Her workshops are down to earth, deep and loving. She has more than 25 years of experience with different meditations, and 15 years of practice with tantra. This experience shines through in a natural authority, while being totally present with each partipants feelings and needs.

She is deeply inspired by Marshall B. Rosenberg and his compassionately way of connecting people. After many years of facilitating workshops with communications, she now combines her knowing about non-violent communication and tantra.

Her strength is to let go and let spirit take over, delivering whatever the participants are ready to receive.

In a sometimes cold and cruel world, Katarina restores basic trust between man and woman.” quote from a participant

What to expect

  • Feeling loved and revitalized.
  • You get out of your head and into your body.
  • Intensity and presence in tantric meetings with other participants.
  • A safe and warm, loving space.
  • Newfound friends, brothers and sisters.

She uses simple exercises that will take you as far as you are ready to go. It will be each participant’s courage and willingness,  that will decide how profound this experience will be for him or her.


About Katarina

Already in the age of 9 she began to meditate on her own, and went into spiritual states of mind.

When she was in her 20ties her kundalini was activated and her life took a big U-turn, from wanting to have a job as an auditor  - to seeking the spiritual side of life. She found a teacher in bodywork and meditation. She stayed with him and his wife for 2 years, while studying zen-budishm and sharmanic energy on a full time basis.

In 1995 she was in an accident and was not able to do bodywork anymore. Then she meet Marshall B. Rosenberg and his non-violent communikation. She was blown away by the magic happening when two hearts connects, and the healing that occurred.

One of the non-violent teachers introduced her to tantra, and from then on she has studied with different tantric teachers, tantric buddhist monks, and also became educated as a healer.

She has now been living in a tantric relationship with her husband Pieter for the last 8 years, knowing some of the gifts and challenges there can be going deep into the tantric process with a partner.