About Power Polarity Yoga

POWER POLARITY YOGA is the performance of yoga postures in couples. In this workshop you have the chance to get a taste of this unique and secret branch of our tantric yoga system. We have revoked the powerful tantric yoga for couples and authored this complex yoga system, which helps to activate the natural potential of polarity within us all.

Everything in Creation is based on polarity. The natural yet irresistible attraction of polar opposites is a law of physics, and everything spins around its simple and powerful reality. Men and women are complementary opposites: yin and yang, the sun and the moon, plus and minus, embodiments of the divine masculine and feminine, Shiva and Shakti …

Just as the left and right wing allow the bird to fly, the man and woman allow the soul to rise through their complementary work together. Just as the left and right hand of the master pianist create the symphony, the man and woman create the masterpiece through their union.

The ancient tantric principles offer the key for transforming the couple into a sacred workshop for continuously improving ourselves and thus our relationship. By properly understanding and applying the wisdom of the masculine and feminine forces, couples can achieve long-lasting happiness and soar to new spiritual heights – together!

POWER POLARITY YOGA is not only for lovers, but are exquisite exercises for any two people who wants to connect and practice yoga together in a very efficient and powerful way and obtain wonderful results, such as:

  • the awakening and harmonizing of the chakras in a much faster way than when practicing alone
  • the strengthening and harmonizing of feminine and masculine energies
  • coming to know each other on non-verbal, more profound, levels, improving the relationship
  • the release of tensions, frustrations and difficulties experienced in the couple, improving communication and mutual connection and support
  • the sharing of quality time together that builds a strong couple bond based on love and transfiguration

When a man and a woman engage in the natural polarity game by practicing specific couple asanas from the tantric tradition, they succeed in amplifying the beneficial effects of these postures on all levels: physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


About the teachers

Sahajananda Porslund

Sahajananda is educated at Copenhagen University in Modern Culture & Contemporary Litterature. For the last thirteen years he has been researching in the field of esoteric knowledge and the ancient spiritual traditions of the planet, and practiced in depth meditation, yoga and tantra. Sahajananda has a great passion for the tantric path, of which he has a profound theoretical and practical knowledge.

He is presently working as a freelance journalist and is teaching courses and seminars in yoga, meditation and tantra at Natha Yogacenter Denmark. He is also DJ and part of the Eco Trance Plant Mystery project and facilitator of the socalled 'Truthseminars'. Sahajananda teaches tantra with a great passion, humor, creativity and great wisdom which makes his classes to be deeply appreciated and transforming.

Mille Walentini

Mille har dedikeret sit liv til studiet af Shakti, den mystiske feminine natur. Hendes eksperimentelle og praktiske tilgang til det tantriske væv af livslære har åbnet erkendelsesdørene til en rigdom af oplevelser og erfaringer med hende selv, med andre og med selve tilværelsen. Hendes oprigtige søgen og frie legende Shakti-natur har blandt meget andet ført hende ind i yoga, tantra, psykoterapi, performance arts, musik, dans og trance kulturen. Hun er kendt som facilitator af de magiske Eco Trance Plant Mystery fester, som hun sammen med sin tribe, med jævne mellemrum lader, spreder gode vibes på Københavns alternative dansescene. Hun er samtidig underviser i tantra på Natha Yogacenter. Mille er uddannet yoga- og tantralærer, markedsføringsøkonom og er ved at uddanne sig psykoterapeut. Hun er ligeledes medindehaver af Tara - Center for terapi, som tilbyder diverse holistiske behandlinger og yoga (konsultationer, EBA Terapi, Soft Massage, Yoga terapi).